Wednesday, August 24, 2011

American Prophecy

These are the dreams I’ve had which foretell the destruction of the United States by military force. Though I’ve had prophetic dreams now for over twenty years, only in the last two or so years have they concerned anything on a national scale. The dreams began some time after a powerful conversion experience to Christianity in my youth. I do not have the time, or the resources, to flesh out any kind of biography, or explain the process of these kinds of dream experiences. My enemies, the worst of the covert community, make certain that I am kept without any consistent means of supporting myself, and have worked to sabotage my personal relationships, including my efforts to get this message out in any format whatsoever. This is saying the least of their efforts; I would not be alive at all if it weren’t for the intervention of God on many occasions and specifically Jesus in at least one instance.

As dreams of prophecy these are a warning of events to come. However, in spite of their awful nature, the dreams represent an act of mercy on the part of a loving and merciful God; He would not allow such a betrayal to take place without giving His followers time to prepare. I urge spiritual preparation in the form of prayer, and a more profound understanding of Jesus as the necessary savior, as opposed to passive acknowledgment of this fact. Though I have lived a selfish, unfaithful life, this condition, as I call it, of receiving prophetic warnings in the form of dreams and visions is, as of recently, ongoing.

In the first dream I was held, standing among people riding on a passenger train. I was able to see both inside and outside of the vehicle. It was night and a helicopter appeared, shining lights on the target, firing missiles at the car I was in, maiming and killing people in the explosion. I was unable to shout or help the people and was moved to the next passenger car, where there was another explosion and death. Outside there was an atmosphere of such darkness. I was powerless to move or warn the people in the next car, but they realized what was happening and some of them escaped. I saw up close as some of the passengers ran away from the train.

A man began shouting to the people, pointing up a ramp toward warehouses. He was a great relief to me in the dream, trying, I thought, to help. A woman, her children and others ran in the direction he pointed toward. From a shadowed alleyway soldiers, outlined by darkness appeared and fired on the people, killing the woman, her children and others. I was tormented by the scene, an act of inhuman betrayal. In my heart I cried out and was allowed to escape the dream.

It takes time to come to terms with the dreams, which reveal in both symbolic and explicit terms. As the trauma subsides and the content replays itself over and over, I am able to consider the details with some remove. For instance, the man who led the woman and children to slaughter spoke with an American accent. Also, he wore a suit, which represents institutional authority. There will be, and are, people embedded in the population with foreknowledge of this treason, who create false hope of escape but who will point the way to death.

An evolving quality in the dreams I write about here is the presence of an awful hatred to the nature of this treason. That a woman and her children were brutally slaughtered exposes an urge to horrify, on a street level, every living witness. The civilians in the dream, particularly the woman and her children, could pose no threat or form of martial resistance. There will be trained, armed soldiers on the street, in waiting, ready to murder once the treason begins. As a future vision would show, the attack includes jet fighters. I will not include that vision here, as it contained much spiritual imagery.

Months later, in a second dream, I was held to witness civilians being hunted and euthanized in a wooded area outside a suburb. Every detail of the dream is significant, and terrible.

First I was chased through the area and found no escape from aerial and ground surveillance. There was an obvious military uniformity to the helicopter, the vehicles and the men’s organization and bearing. When it became obvious that I couldn’t escape, I was held to witness, like in the first dream.

It was sunny and the stillness of a morning was apparent. It was obviously the day following the night attack. In more than one dream, the attack took place at night. A young woman ran, shrieking from behind me into the woods in the near distance. The events unfolding seemed to have driven her to the point of insanity. Two American soldiers wearing camouflage drove up past my right toward the direction of the fleeing girl, but parked their jeep facing the scene on my left. They looked at one another, exchanging an expression of grim disbelief.

To my left a woman slumped in the grass, sobbing, as another soldier, a young American knelt preparing syringes. I heard my own voice call out to her from a deep urge to help. I am rarely allowed to speak in the dreams.

“Why are you letting him do that?” The soldier was obviously preparing a syringe for her.
“Why not?” she cried. “They just rape you anyway!” Her voice was a plea, resigned, and a shout of dying hope. It had that melody of sarcasm so specific to our time, but in that surreal setting was like a knife in me. Immediately after her cry a soldier leapt in front of me with incredible energy. His expression was a taut leer of hatred, arrogance, and murderous contempt. He seemed almost demonic in his physical aggression and conviction in his right to kill. I tore myself from the dream.

As I fought to shake off the images and stay awake, several things clung to my conscious mind as if the dream would not be fully shaken. Sometimes there is knowledge about the dreams that are as obvious as the visual elements. In this case, two terms relating to the soldier with the syringes were ‘compliant’ and ‘non-compliant.’ He had a box with several syringes, some to drug compliant or semi-compliant captures, and some with a lethal mixture for non-compliant civilians.

The soldier who leapt in front of me could not even speak English. He was Asian, probably Chinese or Korean. I don’t know what he had been told, or drugged with, or how he might have been brainwashed, but he was absolutely murderous and full of contempt.

I will let this dream speak for itself for the most part. There is underway a plan for the attack, destruction, and complete restructuring of this nation. What follows will be a post-American, post-democracy with no room for freedoms as we understand them, and no room for freedom of religion. Jesus is as more a threat to injustice, hypocrisy and tyranny than ever.

In the follow-up ‘hunting’ phase of the attack, ally forces will be used to do the work that many American soldiers will not want to do, and some American forces will be told to stand down, or just observe, or act as back up reserves.

In the most recent dream of this kind, I watched soldiers in black fatigues with automatic weapons on the streets of an American city. Some were going into the doorways of buildings, others weren’t really sure what they should be doing. It was the next day again, the day after the attack and there was anarchic tension in the air. There is nothing good, nothing attractive about this in real life. I saw a man wearing slacks and a tie crouched next to a mailbox on the sidewalk. There was the loud sound of automatic gunfire echoing off the walls of the buildings, obviously something people aren’t used to hearing in American cities. The atmosphere was that of a transformation taking place. I can’t forget the sight of a woman in her skirt and jacket with her organizer tucked under her arm, walking through the chaos with her head down as if nothing were happening, as if by ignoring things they would go away, or not affect her, or go back to normal. I felt almost nothing during this short witnessing. Except for that woman, there was no heartbreak, just a frozen acknowledgment. It was after that moment of sadness, and empathy, that I was allowed to leave the dream.

All of the details of the dreams are relevant. One of the first sense-making, triage realizations I was forced to come to so many years ago as I scrambled to come to terms with the onset of this condition was this: The dreams reveal an intelligence so varietal, so gracefully capable of entire cultures, or languages of graphic and symbolic meaning, that there is no way they originate from me, or from any human intelligence. There is far more to the dreams than the visual elements, something of their atmosphere which can’t be described. The ones I include here are more literal than many have been, yet they always have the hallmark of revealing something so terrible that I believe it makes the format of prophetic warning necessary. God decides whose consciousness is pulled, like gravity, toward such things. The nature of a warning, the phenomenon of extraordinary communication between God and human, the enormity of impending, life-shifting events make it a self-contained system. I have no intention of trying to justify any of it. It is horrific, enforced witnessing. I can’t imagine anyone bragging about such a thing. Nevertheless, while nobody wants bad news, to do nothing and not share this would be unforgivable.

One vision I had occurred months ago. This obviously referred to a time in the distant future. I was in a rare mood of peace and went to take a nap. I had just closed my eyes and very clearly saw a scene of a lake, viewed from the shore. There was no pain involved in what I saw, and I remember exclaiming to myself, “This is one!” Meaning, I knew I was being shown something. It was vivid, and had nothing to do with my own effort. I felt no hesitation about pushing through to the meaning of the vision, so I asked in the way that gives meaning, and the answer was clear. It was, Everything will be forgotten. This means our civilization, all of our stuff, our cultures, brands, labels, cities. Even the music. Even the books. This was crushing to me, especially the music part. I would not have asked if I’d have known what the vision meant. But the way it is given, there is no denying the meaning any more than the dreams can be avoided. This vision references a time far beyond even the destruction of the false, martial theocracy that is set up after the fall of the United States, and for which the United States is destroyed.

After God destroys the repulsive “order” which ensues following this planned chaos, after all of the environmental and social upheaval, everything will be forgotten willingly, as a result of the trauma that civilization goes through, and because of the absolute destruction. Our history even, will mean nothing. Forgotten. This was so deeply heartbreaking that it required transformation, a yielding to the message. To not change in that moment was no option. The experience was too harsh. It was like responding to a lethal encounter; we react biologically, spiritually, for survival in some cases.

In the vision, the water was dark. There was vegetation, and moonlight. The water was frightening in a way. It seemed to be so fertile, and seemed to be jumping with life, completely untamed; there was an incredible capacity for new life it seemed. There was such potential.

I won’t talk about any of the other dreams for now. Some have a mystical quality and message that aren’t for everyone. In the weeks and months following the onset of these dreams I went in search for some reference to what would obviously be an occurrence with national and global implications, an age-defining episode. Things do not go back to ‘normal’ after this, ever. The bible was an obvious starting point, and I went to Revelation.

I believe these events reveal graphically what St. John refers to symbolically in Revelation 13:3, about the head of a many-headed beast receiving a fatal wound. I firmly believe this. The many heads could very well refer to nations which are allies in the global aggression that is implicit in chapter thirteen of Revelation. As one of the dreams revealed, foreign troops are definitely going to take part in this betrayal. It didn’t take long to find online references to foreign troops already being stationed here, yet I would have never looked specifically for this were it not for the dreams. Chapter thirteen, verse fourteen of Revelation says that the wound is by the sword, which is a weapon of war. I’ve read this without thinking twice in the past, but in light of the dreams it obviously refers to the military destruction I witnessed. Verse fourteen states that this particular wound is fatal, yet this ‘head,’ or nation-entity, lives on after the ‘fatal’ wound, which occurs as a pretext for establishing martial law, the complete removal of Christians and any moral person who would defy tyrannical horror. The war-making entity that this nation likely becomes, having horns like a lamb yet speaking like a dragon (13:12), sounds very similar to the current military doctrine of ensuring ‘peace’ through pre-emptive warfare. In our case, peace will come through genocide, and enslavement of those allowed to live after this ‘cleansing’ takes place.

Regardless of their bearing on Revelation, or any external document, the dreams stand on their own authority. They are true prophecy, and many of the things which I was shown long ago have come to pass in ways which leave no doubt as to their provenance. These things will come to pass, and no matter what, whoever reads this will never be able to claim that they were given no warning. There will be no more surprises like 9-11. This is going to happen, and many military and intelligence documents reveal a growing infrastructure in support of invasive surveillance, mass death and imprisonment. In light of the dreams’ revealing a post-attack ‘hunting’ phase, I particularly regard the news of RFID tags implanted in clothing with revulsion.

What people do, and don’t do in response to this warning will matter. Sharing this information with loved ones is an obvious starting point. I personally expect no positive reaction from any institutional or media “authority.” They have done nothing to report on the aggressive tactics employed by the intelligence community so far, their bogus investigations, and the rampant usage of gag orders placed on unwilling, coerced citizens. Nor have they said anything about the domestic usage of military ‘active denial’ weaponry, thus announcing their complicity in this disgraceful state of affairs. In fact, I know from many dream episodes that our enemy, will absolutely seek to destroy me and this message. Nevertheless, I believe people’s love for one another to be the most reliable network in existence. Any who react chaotically to this warning should be regarded as acting on behalf of those who are planning and who will bring about this national treason. Good luck.

Robert Tevault
September 15, 2010